Mission , Vision & Values

Company Vision
To make best use of water resources for energy production ensuring economic growth of nation and bring prosperity to the society and stakeholders.

Company Mission

  • To study, develop, promote and operate hydropower projects in Nepal for sustainable economic development of nation and ensure long term return to stakeholders.
  • To invest in attractive hydro power projects with maximum public participation and maximize benefit of the investors.
  • To perceive corporate social responsibility and contribute for better social development.
  • To create a good  working environment and  nurture a culture to learn, grow and put best effort by our employees  for the growth of the company and provide with long term career prospects to the employees.


Core Values

  • Nation first
  • Aggressive, persistent and creative pursuit of opportunities
  • Unquestionable integrity in every aspect of business
  • Commitment to exceeding customer expectations
  • Operations in a fiscally sound environment
  • A personal commitment to a strong work ethic and achieving results