We are dedicated promoting different hydro and energy projects in Nepal. We carry out several researches, technical and economic feasibility studies, environmental and social assessments. Considering the finding of researches and studies we engage to promote different hydro projects.

People’s Power Limited is implementing the following projects :


Puwa II is the first project being developed by People’s Power Limited in Puwa Khola in Ilam district. The capacity of the project is 4.96 megawatt (MW). The Puwa II hydroelectric project is located in Ilam Municipality ward no 1, Sakhejung and ward no 4 Maipokhari.

This project has a very easy road access.  It is 680 KM to reach Ilam Bazar from Kathmandu via road transportation. Similarly, Ilam can be reached; Kathmandu to Bhadrapur via airplane and Bhadrapur to Ilam via 100 KM road transportation. It is 14 KM to get project’s water intake location which is in the Mechi highway. It is 8 KM road transportation to get headworks and Power house from water intake. Having easy road access to powerhouse and water intake is an added value for this project.

Financial Aspect:

Total investment of this project is 90 Crore where 60 Crore will be generated by Bank Loan and 30 Crore will be collected by promoter’s investment. It is projected to produce 2,79,76,623 units electricity in every year where 1,95,71,299 units will be produced in wet season in 6 months and 84,05,324 units in the dry season in 6 months. Selling price will be 4.8/unit in wet season and 8.4/unit in dry season.

Silent Features:

River Puwa Khola
Municipality Ilam (Sakhejung & Mai Pokhari)
District Ilam
Zone Mechi
Catchment Area 63.9 Sq Km
Design Discharge 2.72 Cum/Sec.
Marketable Annual Energy 27.98 GWh
Type of Weir Ogee type
Size of Weir   2.3 m length x 1.7 m width
Weir Crest Level El. 1195 m
Flood Discharge(1:100 yrs) 348 cum/sec
Type of intake Side intake
Size of intake 2.0mx0.8m
Orifice Top level El. 1195m
Gravel Trap
Section Rectangular
Size(WxH) 5m x 3.5 m
Length 8.00 m
U/S Transition Length 3.0 m
Spillway Type Overflow side spillway
Spillway Length 10.00 m
Gravel Flushing Gate Size 0.7 m x 0.7 m (1 number)
Headrace  Canal
Section Rectangular covered concrete canal
Size(WxH) 1.7 m x 1.2 m
Length 270 m
Hydraulic Slope 1:500
Desanding Basin
Type                 Dufour, Continuous/Intermittent      flushing  
Size(LefxBxH) 51.0 m x 8.0 m x 6.00 m
Transition Length 13.0 m
Desanding Chambers 2 no.
Particle Size to be settled 0.20 mm
Flushing Gate Size 1.0 m x 1.0 m (1 number)
Back Transition
Type      Rectangular  
Size(LefxBxH) 15.00 m x 8.00 m x 6.0 m
Particle Size to be settled less than 0.20 mm
Flushing Gate Size 0.7 m x 0.7 m (1 number)
Capacity 684.00 m3 (Volume for 3 minutes Generation)
Type Exposed
Material Steel
Length 3800.00 m (uniform diameter)
Diameter 1.10 m
Thickness 8 mm to 22 mm
Type of Powerhouse Surface
Size (LxBxH) 30.00 m x 15.00 m x 15.00 m (Roof ridge)
Floor level 947.40 m
Minimum Tail water level 949.5 m
Turbine axis 953.0 m
Type of Turbine Pelton, Horizontal
No. of Units 2
Rated Net Head 217-239m
Unit Discharge 1.36 cum/sec
Axis Horizontal
Rated Speed 600 rpm.
Runaway Speed 900 rpm.
Type of Generator Synchronous AC 3 phase
Max Rated Capacity 3000 KVA
Rated Voltage 6.6 KV
Power Factor 0.85
No of pole 10
No of unit 2
Frequency 50Hz
Excitation System Brushless
Efficiency 96%
Type Outdoor
Power Transformers 6.6/33 kV, 3 phase
Type Oil immersed self-cooled outdoor type (ONAN)
Rated Capacity 3700 kVA
Number of Units 2
Frequency 50 Hz
Number of Phase 3 phase
Voltage Ratio 6.6/33kvs
Transmission Line About 5 km long 33 kV single circuit ACSR Dog Conductor, connected to Upper Puwa I Sub Station ACSR Dog Conductor, connected to Upper Puwa I Substation
Installed Capacity 4,960 KW
Annual Wet Energy 19.57 GWh
Annual Dry Energy  8.41 GWh
Total Annual Energy 27.98 GWh

Financial Indicators:

Total Project Cost (Including IDC) 90 Crore
Project Financing (Debt/Equity Ratio) 2:1
Debt Interest Rate 10%
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) 14.07%
Benefit/Cost Ratio (B/C Ratio) 1.16
Project Payback Period 12 years

Once the construction of Puwa II started, we are intensively engaged on research, assessment and study of viable projects. We are having meetings with different agencies potentially engaged on hydro project development aiming to have partnership to develop different hydro and energy projects in Nepal.

We will update about our upcoming projects once some concrete progress achieved.